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Good lord, the service was bad at Shanghai 1930. 1. The bar waitress didn’t take my drink order until 15 minutes after I sat down in the desolate lounge. When she did, she bent over in a condescending way and said, “Would you like a drink,” which could have been followed by, “…little girl?” 2. […]

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Soup’s on!

“I put instant soup in the microwave and almost went back in time.” In homage to Steven Wright, there’s a great double-ententre here. Instant dehydrated and canned condensed soups, though popular in a few old school recipes, are a throwback to our childhood. Today, soup can be had fresh with nary a can or package […]

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Go ahead, make my burger

San Francisco has always had an epicurious relationship when it comes to film, from the dramatic Cliff House in Erich von Stroheim’s 1924 silent Greed, tothe jungles of the Rainforest Café in the 2004 Adam Sandler comedy, 50 First Dates. San Francisco restaurants aren’t known for their longevity either, so it’s not surprising that many […]

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