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where the aroma is appetizing

Edible Excretions. Ugh.

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to crush again

What would be a more appropriate place to go for a pre-Valentine’s Day dinner than back to my #1 restroom crush?  Though La Mar’s reservation book was, well, booked, we were able to get seats at the ceviche bar, which is always plenty fun. I really have nothing new to say here other than what […]

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school girl crush…on a bathroom

“I LOVE this bathroom!”  I cooed to Chef upon returning to our table in the main dining room.  Call me sick, call me crazy, but yes, it’s true.  This is the high school all-star varsity quarterback. I want to curl my hands around its smooth porcelain fixtures, rub my cheek against its cool white tile.  […]

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Over the river and through the woods

Go through the door, walk down the hallway, turn left, go through the wrought iron gate, down the stairs, turn left, then a quick right, walk straight ahead.  That’s how you get to the restrooms at Kells Irish Pub in North Beach.  The bar, as a whole, doesn’t scream “Sláinte,” but a trip to the […]

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Too hip to be Strait

It’s been over 30 years since my tromp through South East Asia. I remember it was hot. Then it got hotter. Then scorching. The humidity was almost unbearable. Did I mention it was hot?  I also remember I was warned not to spit on the sidewalk in Singapore (not that I do anywhere else) or […]

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El baño en Pancho Villa

I have, so far, been quite successful at avoiding taqueria bathrooms. Images of cracked, dirty toilet seats, paper towels strewn about, overflowing trashcans, drippy faucets with no hot water, and a grande nachos/fish taco/five Bohemia beer induced vomit in the corner, did the hat dance in my head. But having just brainstormed the title of […]

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Les toilettes avec les tampons

I don’t remember visiting the restrooms when we went to Le Bernardin last October. But then again, ironically, there are several things I don’t recall from that memorable night. So when we went back for lunch last month, I was sure to partake. The Good: A clean, serenely lit place to contemplate with soothing music […]

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winner loos

Once upon a time when I was three, maybe four years old, I needed to find a restroom. And fast.  With my older siblings and cousin in tow, I was sure one of them would help me find one in or close to the Marina Del Rey drugstore we were seemingly loitering in.  While my […]

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