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MC giorno sei

Yesterday was my halfway mark and still feeling pretty good. No headaches,body aches, or extreme blurred vision as last year. Although, I’m not sure how I did it, I managed to gain eight ounces. For the first time in the last five days, I was feeling hunger pangs but not for any food in particular.  […]

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MC day IV

Feeling pretty good today.  A very slight, dull headache that loomed all day, but otherwise feeling pretty dandy.  Not sure why this time around has been more tolerable.  Could be several things: I cut down the number of daily servings this go-around from 8 to 6. I cut down the amount of caffeine intake a […]

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MC 3日目

I woke up in the middle of the night with a slight headache and some fairly annoying jaw pain.  Went back to sleep, woke up at my usual time and the pains were gone.  Down 3.6 lbs. since I started. For lunch I added a little more cayenne to my usual 1/4 teaspoon, which made […]

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MC día dos

The chills had set in after my evening “dinner” last night so decided to spend the rest of the night in the comforts of my bed and electric blanket.  Woke up nine hours later, 2.6 lbs. lighter and with a dull but manageable headache.  After my morning brew I opened the kitchen window to let […]

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MC day 1

I know I’ve said after cutting my last master cleanse short after three days, that I’ll never do that again. But here I am, on my second day, doing it again. I’ve done the full 10 days before so I know I can do it again.  Plus, a friend (who got me interested in the […]

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now that’s just mean

One of the motivating factors of the juicing was watching the documentary, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.  Laying in bed, nursing a migraine, jaw pain, the chills, and overall body soreness (I surmised these were all symptoms of the beginning of the Master Cleanse), I popped open my laptop to watch anything interesting on Hulu.  […]

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so beet me already

After a disastrous Master Cleanse attempt, (just five weeks after a successful ten-day MC), I decided to start juicing – another fervid endeavor to eat more healthily.  With the help of a friend who kindly loaned me his Omega VRT350 masticating juicer, (this favor may turn out costing me $350), I plunged into the world […]

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mom’s spaghet

I can safely say that when my siblings, myself included, moved out of the house the one thing we all missed was eating my mom’s spaghetti.  It was a sauceless pasta, though chock full of flavor from bacon, lap cheong (Chinese smoked sausage), onion, stewed tomatoes and Monterey Jack cheese, served with a few slices […]

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a lady of spain, an american in paris: my food-driven vacation

Ten years of dreaming, six months of planning, 12 days of traveling, 11 days of being sick.

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First stop

Grand Central Oyster Bar

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