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the top ten things I ate in 2011

2011 has definitely been a year of good eats for me.  Hitting two restaurants from my bucket list, Alinea and Tru, were the highlights and the food did not disappoint.  Throughout the year, though, there were many surprises.  Below is my list of the best of what was on g-fork’s plate this year (and in […]

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taking another stab with the fork

Here’s a re-imagining of g-fork, once again.  This is its third incarnation in eight years.  Yes, g-fork is that old.  If you are curious what the original g-fork looked like, you can check it out on the wayback machine.  I am still making small tweaks to the site, but this is what it is and […]

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my lover boy

I do love all things food – buying it, preparing it, cooking it, eating it.    Even the stores where I buy it, the gadgets and equipment used to prepare it, my pots and pans I cook it in, and the utensils and plates I eat it from.  I have even fallen in love with a […]

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a brief history of Thanksgiving, 2011

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I am, I said.

My dad eats everything with chopsticks.  He has for as long as I can recall.  Cottage cheese, salad, watermelon, spaghetti, oatmeal, eggs, even the bits at the bottom of soup, not to mention meat, fish, and rice.   So it’s no wonder that, after making a plate of stir fried baby Brussels sprouts, the first utensil […]

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fresno food memories

Yesterday was Black Friday.    The family hit our usual but most anticipated post-Thanksgiving breakfast joint in downtown Fresno – George’s Shish Kebab.  George’s is a little gem of an Armenian diner hidden in a small business park near the civic center, open for breakfast and lunch only.  We’ve been annual regulars there, gorging on shish […]

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food porn

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for the grill of your dreams

Just in time for Father’s Day, or summer solstice, or just because, this has to be one of the coolest cooking tools.  Okay, after THIS that goes with THAT.

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hot socket

There are many times when I’m sitting at my desk at home wishing my cup of coffee (or tea, these days) was warmer than room temperature.  I wonder to myself if it is worth getting off of the warmth of my task chair and trudging down a flight of stairs and walk halfway across the […]

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west coast east

On my way to the airport yesterday, Bruce and I had a heated discussion about bagels, pizza and burritos.  Like a typical New Yorker (which I am not), I exclaimed that I couldn’t get a decent bagel in San Francisco.  The same with pizza.  Bruce argued there are places that have bagels in San Francisco […]

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