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the top ten things I ate in 2011

2011 has definitely been a year of good eats for me.  Hitting two restaurants from my bucket list, Alinea and Tru, were the highlights and the food did not disappoint.  Throughout the year, though, there were many surprises.  Below is my list of the best of what was on g-fork’s plate this year (and in […]

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Sad and unfortunate but something that must be done

An email from The Hump: THE HUMP IS CLOSING ITS DOORS After twelve years doing business in Santa Monica, The Hump will be closing its doors effective March 20th, 2010. The Hump hopes that by closing its doors, it will help bring awareness to the detrimental effect that illegal whaling has on the preservation of […]

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la la land

A friend of mine recently moved from the bay area to Los Angeles after spending almost his entire life here.  Upon hearing of his move and choice neighborhood of residence, I promptly told him that he must go to Musso & Frank and wallow in the old schoolness  of the oldest restaurant in Hollywood. Which […]

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sorry, Katz

I have often read about, heard about, but never actually eaten at LA landmark Langer’s Deli near MacArthur Park. I knew it was an institution, serving up hearty breakfasts and old school deli sandwiches since 1947. I even lived a few blocks away for a few years but have never taken a gander inside. But […]

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the other red meat

Ever since I could remember, a trip to Johnnie’s in Culver City was always a treat.  Either sitting inside at one of the vinyl booths watching the traffic go by on Sepulveda, or being fireside at one of the picnic benches in the patio,  Johnnie’s has been a destination diner for my family for over […]

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cheese it!

What isn’t to like about grilled cheese sandwiches?  It’s simple, easy to make, and oh so good.  Ironically, the grilled cheese sandwich that most of us know of, is fried, not grilled. GC pundits from around the world undoubtedly will argue the best cheese to use.  France would say brie or camembert.  The Italians might […]

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Pink’s for all!

Less than a week after my New York trip, I headed to Los Angeles to visit my folks. One place that has always been a gfork favorite is Pink’s, though for one (bad) reason or another, it had been at least four years since my last visit. So there I headed to meet up with […]

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the winner!

My dad! This photo was taken in October, 1963, by famed photographer, Toyo Miyaktake (who, incidently, was in the same internment camp as my dad – Manzanar). 45 years later and one gall bladder less, he’s still got the same warm, toothy smile.

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miso happy

My dad was recently hospitalized for an emergency gall bladder operation. It was a bit touch and go for a while, but thankfully he’s finally recuperating in the comforts of his own home. While at the hospital, he was forced to slow down – no small feat for an 87 year old man who still […]

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on the Surfas and getting the Baby Blues

When I was a kid, my dad used to take me on errand runs, one of which was to Surfas Refrigeration where he used to buy his freezer and refrigerator equipment for the bakeries. It wasn’t of much interest to me back then – how exciting can a big walk-in freezer be to a ten […]

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