Good lord, the service was bad at Shanghai 1930.

1. The bar waitress didn’t take my drink order until 15 minutes after I sat down in the desolate lounge. When she did, she bent over in a condescending way and said, “Would you like a drink,” which could have been followed by, “…little girl?”

2. I ordered a “CW” which was supposed to have sake, sparkling wine, lychee syrup, and ruby red grapefruit juice. Upon seeing my drink, I knew there couldn’t possibly be any ruby red grapefruit juice in it (it was clear as can be) and after tasting it, I was convinced it was the wrong drink. I asked the waitress about it and she swore up and down this drink before me had grapefruit juice but “if it’s not enough, I can bring you more grapefruit juice.”

3. My friend’s drink didn’t even show up on the bar bill.

4. Our dinner waitress was just as condescending as our bar waitress, but in that too nice, overly-sugary, annoying way.

5. Our final bill had two top shelf drinks added on (for good measure, I’m sure) that we did not order.

Food was actually okay (although the sauces were, you guessed it, too salty) but never will I go back. Ever. Nah, uh.

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