MC día dos

The chills had set in after my evening “dinner” last night so decided to spend the rest of the night in the comforts of my bed and electric blanket.  Woke up nine hours later, 2.6 lbs. lighter and with a dull but manageable headache.  After my morning brew I opened the kitchen window to let the fresh air of the sun come in and I heard some birds chirping in the neighboring pine trees which immediately sent me back to my grandmother’s house, walking around the grapevines and the old barn where I would hear those same sounds.  A wave of happiness filled me and continued as I drove out to Muir Beach to visit my ponies.  Driving across the Golden Gate Bridge, I thought at moment that it was the happiest I’ve felt in a long time.  Not sure where the feeling came from – could of been the thought of seeing the horses I haven’t seen in over three months.    Could have been the MC.  I don’t know.  Looking forward to what tomorrow will bring.

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