the incredible edible

This morning I woke up with egg in my head.  They’ve actually been on my mind for the past few weekends.

Last Sunday, I made a bacon and egg pizza.  My rolled out dough is getting better at being a little less amoeba-ish but still a far cry from being called a circle.  Nonetheless, the breakfast pizza I made for dinner came out fairly decent.  I think my next kitchen accessory purchase will and should be a pizza stone.

Today’s eggy endeavor preferably required meat, and the only readily ready meat I had on hand was a frozen lobster tail.  Lobster eggs benedict it was.  I had never made a hollandaise sauce before – always found it a bit daunting.  Over-heat it and it becomes scrambled eggs.  Under-heat it and your sauce will be forever runny.   My finished sauce was a bit thicker than I would have liked, but I surprisingly poached a pretty good egg, the lobster tail meat wasn’t as dry and I thought it’d be,  and the English muffin held up pretty good so I was  happy with the end result.  My cholesterol probably shot up after today’s meal, so I’ll have to start liking oatmeal again.  Stat.

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