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If it’s possible to be hidden yet be brightly painted the color a Meyer lemon AND have a sign that reads, “Indian Cuisine and Pizza,” then you’ve got my new favorite “pizzeria” aptly named, Golden Gate Indian Cuisine and Pizza Restaurant.  I must’ve walked by dozens of times since I’ve moved to this neighborhood six months ago, but never really gave this seemingly dive pizza joint any thought.  The shaggy, shopping cart vagrants and drug-dealing roughians  that frequent the 7-11 and its sidewalk next door saw to that.  Until today – Super Bowl Sunday.  with nary an avocado, nacho, or any other Super Sunday nosh in sight, I decided go for it and order pizza – an Indian pizza.

I am usually dubious of cuisine “mash-ups” such as Mandarin and Islamic, Chinese and doughnuts, the sushi/cream cheese combo that is the Philadelphia roll.  Indian and pizza was no exception.  But, as with most food I do try for the first time, I thought it was pretty good.  Pretty damn good, in fact.  The crust, which was basically a very big naan, was thin and crispy.  The meat was tender and abundant, and surprisingly  the spinach curry sauce went well with mozzarella.  The fresh ginger,  red onion and cilantro gave it just enough oomph to push this pizza to be one of my San Francisco faves.  Though I can’t vouch for the rest of the menu, you will find no better Indian pizza.


Chicken Indian pizza


Golden Gate Indian Cuisine and Pizza Restaurant

4038 Judah (near 46th Avenue) in the Outer Sunset

(415) 564-5514







P.S.  I still don’t get the Philadelphia Roll.  It doesn’t exactly repulse me, and I understand the whole salmon/cream cheese connection, but cream cheese with rice?

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