Too hip to be Strait

It’s been over 30 years since my tromp through South East Asia. I remember it was hot. Then it got hotter. Then scorching. The humidity was almost unbearable. Did I mention it was hot?  I also remember I was warned not to spit on the sidewalk in Singapore (not that I do anywhere else) or they’d put a death mark on you. And we all know a death mark is not easy thing to live with. Another thing I remember is the food – stalls and stalls of noodles, fish, rice, and I’m sure dishes using every part of a chicken,  that lined the streets and alleys.  The scents and colors can put one into a dizzy, mesmerizing state, not unlike being stoned (except possession of marijuana is another death mark on you, as well as a thousand and one lashes). So when the opportunity presented itself for me to have dinner at the Singaporean influenced Straits in the Westfield Shopping Mall, and without even the potential of having a death mark on me, I took it.

The Good: Very clean, very hip, very sleek. The candle burning in the restroom stall is always a crowd pleaser, offering a bit of mood lighting for your peeing pleasure.

The Bad: For this 46 year old aging hipster, the restaurant’s atmosphere as a whole, was way too hip for thou. Club music blared through the PA, including the restrooms. If you’re looking for a hip, edgy, club-like restroom, this is it. I’m not looking for that.  Just give me clean!  (And dry toilet seat covers.)

The Ugly: I’m not sure what purpose the rail on the wall above the toilet was supposed to serve. Unless you’re sitting backwards and need help standing up…?

Notes:  The food was pretty good, though when I’m presented to establishments such as Straits, I feel so terribly unhip, and not one with the in-crowd, it’s uncomfortable.   But for those 20-something hipsters, I’m sure it’s worth the trip to this upscale Asian eatery.


2 Comments on “Too hip to be Strait”

  1. lindaloo February 6, 2009 at 7:52 #

    Nice photo! Looks like a good place to go and I love the candle idea. To see more Stalls of Fame and Stalls of Shame, go to the galleries at

    • gfork February 6, 2009 at 9:35 #

      great site, Linda! I wrote a piece called “Skip to my loo” which is kind of along the same lines, but of a little different vein.

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