El baño en Pancho Villa

I have, so far, been quite successful at avoiding taqueria bathrooms. Images of cracked, dirty toilet seats, paper towels strewn about, overflowing trashcans, drippy faucets with no hot water, and a grande nachos/fish taco/five Bohemia beer induced vomit in the corner, did the hat dance in my head. But having just brainstormed the title of this new page on gfork while gorging on said nachos at Pancho Villa, I knew I had to do the deed.

The Good: Well-lit, seemingly clean with plenty of toilet paper, a stocked toilet seat cover dispenser, and paper towels.

The Bad: All the toilet seat covers in the dispenser were wet. Eyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. And no mirror to double-check if I had cilantro lodged between my two front teeth.

The Ugly: Tile, tile everywhere.

Notes: While it was surprisingly tidy (I did have my expectations set pretty low), the whole wet toilet seat cover thing grossed me out. I still can’t figure out how that happened.


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