“Do you want me to bring you back anything from New York?” I rhetorically asked Howard.

“Bring me back a box of Yodels!” as if asking me to bring him the head of Alfredo Garcia.

So I did.  The yodels, that is.  And here’s what he did with said box:

“Well, we had the great Yodel-off over the holidays, and I must admit, my wife was right, the Ho-Hos and Yodels were very different, and she was able to pick the Yodel out of the line-up.  Overall, the youngsters preferred the Little Debbie Swiss Roll (A), which is covered in milk chocolate, not dark, and the older testers preferred the Yodel (B).  All agreed that the Ho-Ho (C) was awful.”



I love a good competition.

One Comment on “yodel-off”

  1. Den Shewman March 2, 2009 at 16:35 #

    Did Alfredo Garcia create Fettucine Alfredo?

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