trees, please

I just ate a big o’ bowl full of broccoli.  Just broccoli.  Steamed al dente, but without mayo (my mom’s preferred accoutrement), cheese , butter, or whatever else people put on it.  As I was slicing the flower heads from the stalk, I had a flashback of being six years old, sitting at the white and inlaid gold formica dinner table across from my brother Garret.  He always preferred the “branches” while I liked the “leaves” so we always traded broccoli parts whenever my mom would (over)cook it.  40+ years later, while I will happily eat the entire tree as I did tonight, I  prefer the meaty stalk and branches over the clustering flower head.  I am not sure why.  But I am wondering, now, if my brother prefers the head over the stalk so I can trade ’em.

One Comment on “trees, please”

  1. Garret Izumi December 2, 2011 at 4:17 #

    I’ll trade you for my boiled squash!

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