mo fish

My last trip to LA, I decided to make lunch for my folks.  They had wanted to take me back to this Chinese restaurant near downtown LA that has been around for so long, they probably got their thousand year old egg when it was freshly laid.   But  not only did I not want to eat ancient, greasy food, I wanted to cook for them.

I had a few obstacles.

1.  My mom’s teeth were sensitive and she needs to eat soft foods.

2.  Her declining memory has affected her remembrance of turning the stove off, thus she has destroyed every one of her frying pans and most of the spatulas.

I knew she liked fish so that was half the battle.  The other was solved by buying a new fry pan and just make due with what kitchen utensils she still had.

The menu: sole meuniere with a brown butter sauce, rice pilaf and sauteed brussel sprouts.

Everything turned out delicious, though my dad insisted on asking for and putting on tartar sauce.  They both wanted second helpings of fish, which unfortunately I didn’t make enough of.  They didn’t seem thrilled with the brussel sprouts, though.  Growing up, my mom never cooked them so it wasn’t until my (late) adult years that I tried and loved them.  I think they are an acquired taste.  Either way, I think all turned out much better than greasy egg foo yung, fatty char sui, and overcooked vegetable chow mein.

New Year’s resolution: Eat More Fish.

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