the fall

The past several weeks have taken me both to New York City and to Washington, DC.  Both cities vastly different.  I’ve posted enough of my thoughts on New York (though must say had another wonderful meal at Blue Hill, along with meeting Chef Barber, himself) so here are a few ponderings on my quick  jaunt to DC:

1.  Where are all the delis?  Are there no Jews in DC, Maryland or Virginia?

2.  Why are there so many tapas restaurants there?  It seemed there was one on almost every block.

3.  It’s not a good idea to be craving a martini and a surf and turf while visiting a non-drinking vegetarian bordering on vegan.

4.  Don’t kids go trick or treating anymore?  Only about a dozen kids stopped by my friend’s house.  At least he had the good stuff – Reeses’s, Kit Kats, and Twix, so I’m sure the undistributed candy will not go to waste.


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