Les toilettes avec les tampons

I don’t remember visiting the restrooms when we went to Le Bernardin last October. But then again, ironically, there are several things I don’t recall from that memorable night. So when we went back for lunch last month, I was sure to partake.

The Good: A clean, serenely lit place to contemplate with soothing music over the PA, and well-stocked with high quality accoutrement.

The Bad: N/A I could live in here.

The Ugly: See above.

Notes: This is a temple – a thoroughly modern though zen-like atmosphere where I fear I spent a few beats over the average visit. The only restaurant I know of (which in the grand scheme of things, isn’t that much) that provides tampons and sanitary napkins – by the shelf-full. My gawd, they must think every woman who uses the ladies room also has their “monthly visitor.” On a personal side note:  on my way to use the facilities, I walked passed a chatting-on-his-cell-phone Chef Ripert in the hallway. I knew then, that my visit to les toilettes would be a pleasurable one.


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