spoonful of sadness

I’ve been thinking (a bit too much, I’m afraid) about why I would pick Maine Lobster over sushi as my death row meal. Both taste sensations absolutely send me over the edge with girlish giddiness and the deepest satisfaction known to man. Though, I don’t ever recall telling myself or my dining companion, “Kill me now and I’d die happy” after finishing a sublime sushi meal. I’ve said this, at the very least silently to myself, every time I’ve eaten Maine Lobster. But never after sushi.

I fear if sushi were to be my least meal, I’d be incredibly sad. Sad that I would never be able to experience the fish heroin known as black cod, or ankimo, or toro, ever again. Alas, the Spoonful of Happiness would not live up to its name.

However, the culinary drug known as Maine Lobster sends me to a state of such euphoria, you can send me to the electric chair and I’d die happy.

I don’t know why.

Luckily my criminal record has been kept to a minimum so the only capital punishment I (we) do face would be that global warming kills off the crustaceans as well as others that thrive in cold water.  What can you do to fight global warming?

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