hiding the salami, and other food related items

As much as I hate the word “foodie,” I must say that I think I am one after being stopped by the TSA agents at various airports, not once, not twice, but three times, all carrying food related “contraband.”

The first time I chronicled in “The Whip.”

The second was smuggling a 3-1/2 lb Katz’s salami in my suitcase.

And third, which just happened last week with my brand new, stainless steel, cooking chopsticks I bought at Surfas. Granted, they are a bit pointier than your normal bamboo chopsticks, but are just as lethal as a pair of knitting needles, which are okay to take on-board. I was sequestered off to the side and was sternly told to stand back and not to touch my luggage. He felt around and found what he was looking for. “They’re only chopsticks,” I calmly told the agent. After being told I’ll either have to check my small suitcase in or leave the sticks behind, I pleaded with him to speak to his supervisor. “Ah, a woman,” I thought, “she would surely understand the importance of a good cooking utensil.” So I stated my case to her. She shook her head in a condescending, disapproving manner. “They’re only chopsticks! They’re brand new! Still in the package!” She was not moved. At this point, I was on a mission. It didn’t matter that the chopsticks only cost me six bucks. The cost wasn’t the point. They were only chopsticks. So I asked if there was anyone else I could speak to. I was passed on to the head guy behind a big podium. He carefully inspected the utensil. He carefully eyeballed me. “Let her through. They’re okay.”

I told this story to Bruce who convinced me that I am now in the TSA database as foodie terrorist.

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